FenuLife® is standardized on total fiber, soluble and insoluble. Further tests and literature indicate that fenugreek’s soluble fiber is composed of galactomannans.

Galactomannans are vegetal, heterogeneous polysaccharides that have the property of forming viscous solutions or gels in aqueous media.

Galactomannan fibers can often be used in different forms for human consumption. The fibers differ from each other by different mannose/galactose ratios. The different chemical properties of these fibers make them versatile materials for many different applications.

  • FenuLife is non-GMO and not irradiated.
  • Fenugreek galactomannan (fenugreek fiber) is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).
  • HALAL certified.
  • FenuLife has proven to be stable up to 4 years, under cool and dry conditions.