Health Benefits

FenuLife® has been demonstrated to be effective in the prevention of heartburn, to provide higher levels of satiety promoting weight loss and to decrease the glycemic index of food/meals consumed, providing a natural method for individuals to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

In the stomach, FenuLife absorbs moisture, forming a thick, viscous mass, which is the key to its unique health properties. This increased viscosity and mass leads to slower gastric emptying and absorption of glucose, creating a sustained feeling of satiety. This same mechanism provides a protective, soothing barrier for prevention of heartburn and has been demonstrated clinically effect for both heartburn and GERD (a more advanced or chronic form of heartburn).

A recent clinical study showed that FenuLife relieves the severity and frequency of heartburn when consumed before meal. All subjects were instructed to take FenuLife 30 minutes before their two biggest meals of the day. This study demonstrated that the soluble fenugreek fiber FenuLife was more effective than placebo and similarly effective as the positive control, a well-known OTC antacid.

In addition to the GERD study, another clinical trial demonstrated that adding a few grams of FenuLife to a breakfast meal significantly increased reported satiety in obese patients. Individuals experienced higher levels of satiety and fullness and reduced hunger, cravings and prospective food consumption.

Furthermore, a human study conducted in Japan demonstrates that FenuLife reduced serum glucose levels. Upon reaching a desired blood sugar level, a reduced intake of FenuLife showed to maintain the serum glucose level. Additionally, FenuLife created a complementary effect on reduction of blood sugar levels.