A natural solution for acid reflux symptoms and supportive ingredient for weight management and healthy blood glucose levels.

According to the latest statistics reports the incidences of overweight, heartburn and high blood pressure are rising across the world. Lifestyle choices such as fast foods, spicy food and a lack of physical activity in the population are factors that are resulting in a high incidence of these health problems.

FenuLife® provides a natural, botanically-based and clinically-proven solution that has been demonstrated to be effective in acid reflux management, weight control and helping individuals to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Do you want to give your product more impact and reliability? Benefit from Frutarom’s years of experience in the manufacturing of superior herbal extracts. Use the FenuLife® trademark on the label of your food supplement, nutraceutical or functional food.

FenuLife is a seal for efficacy, quality and safety, including:

  • Efficacy supported by studies
  • Continuous research program
  • Marketing activities of FenuLife
  • Herbal extract of Canadian origin

FenuLife preferably has a solid unit dosage form, e.g.: Capsules, tablets, granules, coated tablets, powder sachets.